wow - so I found this place here: I have heard rumors telling that we will use a new social intranet platform very soon. So I just punched in the name of the platform that I heard in rumors as a search term on Webex Social: "Jive" and a few seconds later I was rewarded with an overview and upgrade plan. However the URL for the community was not yet unveiled. And so I went to see training of the pioneering project group. And there was the URL, on the screen when the browser was used to show about content creation.

I stopped the training recordings, went to see, if the URL worked and it did - so I landed here.


As a 1st step, I created my profile (a matter of good corporate citizenship) and now I am in the quest to launch a new project for the team to gather. This is where I got stock a few moments ago, but this will be resolved soon...


For now, the blog post format seemingly is one of the content creation elements that I am allowed to use. From a first glance, this works somewhat more intuitively compared to Webex Social, but let´s wait for the details.


So, let´s get started. I will try to put up some relevant documents for a new program we envision: Deutsche Telekom "Green Box" - what is this about, never heard? Well, it is a very early stage now and we are about to finalize a series of meetings with our customer, Deutsche Telekom. Please proceed to the specially dedicated blog for "Green Box" in order to learn more about this opportunity.