Digitization of business process places increasing demands on connectivity and the underlying network. There is no longer a "paper based Plan B".


Applications running over the network need to be both accessible and the information transmitted has to be secured.


The Internet of Things is increasing the number of devices connected.  Many of these devices have different security profiles compared to traditional enterprise user laptops, tablets and phones.


Cisco has been working to make networks simpler to deploy and simpler to change through APIs and programmability.

This reduces the cost of operation, increases the speed of deployment and change.




A programmable network can be used to augment enterprise security by acting as a large distributed sensor, as well as enforcer of network policy.


There are questions about new skills required in the software driven world.  Will networking skills still be required?


Come and find out what all these changes mean, ask your questions about how networking is evolving to expedite a digitization journey.


Join susiewee  Mark Montanez  Robert Grasby, Colin Lowenberg and I at the DevNet Panel session "Network Programmability and Using DNA to Automate, Simplify and Secure Your Network – DEVNET-1036"