Data Center Trends and Future


Since the time of the early data center in 1940's, there has been a continuous change in the end user consumption where we have witnessed the use of main frames to personal computers, personal computers to laptops and laptops to mobile devices. The core building block architectures have changed as well and here we summarize some of the key trends and how the future is going to shape up.



Data Center Architecture


Software-defined architecture (compute, virtualization, networking and storage) will dominate the future data centers, resulting in cost reductions, improved flexibility, greater elasticity, better resource use, and simplified operations, troubleshooting, and control.  In the near future servers will run hundreds and thousands of docker container instances increasing the efficiency in terms of server count and space . Software driven infrastructure will dominate the data center with the concepts inline with Management And Orchestration. Hardware will be commoditized which will be made by the ODM significantly reducing the vendor lock-in period.


Differentiated Services


Services will be a differentiating factor in solutions where different technology components work together to bring up the outcome. This gives a strong hold on how the technical issues would be addressed and fixed.


Data Center Locations


As data centers increase in size and scale building them in the right place will become a concerning topic. To address this data centers can be built in cooler climates including under sea installations which greatly reduce the cooling cost and making energy efficient.  Rural areas with affordable land could be a solution to consider too.


Cloud Open-Source Software


Open-source software will continue to get traction with Openstack being a good example. One of the biggest advantages being the cost savings. The DC design tools would help to prototype the entire data center or storage cloud. Orchestration software solutions  will gain steam and add value in bringing the value of analytics to making decisions real time.


Data Center System Administration Automation


Automation of data center management tasks will be in vogue to minimize the human errors, and to speed up responsiveness to equipment failures. There will be a shift in how infrastructure and operations teams administer the IT environment with the introduction of fool proof instructions such as using IP discovery for automatic validation. Organizations will hire for an entirely new set of skills within the data center – moving away from individualized domain experts in the stack of the infrastructure to skill sets that focus on automation, API integration between technologies, the outcomes of user experience and how to integrate the new with the old.




As we sail through the future it would be interesting to watch for how the above trends take shape and gain adoption

rate across the industry.