With the growing buzz on digitization and IoT, industries, communities and nations have to move at a rapid pace so that they are not left behind. By 2020 Cisco predicts 20 billion devices would be connected which will produce an ocean of data collected by millions of sensors and actuators.


Independent research firm "IOT ANALYTICS" outlines ( ) Cisco as the leader in IoT connectivity.  This is a dominant position which is shaping well in the analytics space where the impact is felt. But however the raising question is on how the collected data can be used meaningfully.  Well, the main challenge will remain on how the collected data is going to help us in making predictable decisions at lightning speed. To answer this we must understand the speed and efficiency required to process the data. Trying to centrally process the data from each source by moving to the core of the network would be resource intensive and a nightmare.

To overcome the above challenges the edge platforms should be smart enough to do the job efficiently. The Cisco Connected Streaming Analytics (CSA) platform delivers insight from high-velocity streams of live data from multiple sources across multiple industries to help you take immediate action.  On the other hand Cisco Parstream's award winning IoT analytics platform is able to handle over 10 billion rows of data, stream 1 million rows per second and compared to it's competition is able to achieve on an average of 30 time faster query response times and much more. Please visit  to know more on this.

To sum up, IoT and analytics are interdependent of each other in a hyper connected world where the latter is the new winning edge for us with tremendous growth in the near future.