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        So a quick update:


        root cause seems to be the Microsoft DHCP server.


        I took the 2901 ISR router (which worked if I configured the pnp profile manually) and turned it into a DHCP server with the following configuration:


        ip dhcp excluded-address


        ip dhcp pool PNP_Pool



        option 43 ascii "5A1D;B2;K4;I192.0.2.2;J80"


        Note: Adam correct me if I am wrong but I believe your string above is missing the "I" before the APIC-EM IP and has a trailing period after the last octet of the IP.   If that is true, might be good to correct for others who might find the info.


        Has anyone run across instructions on how to set up the Option 43 on an MS DHCP server for PnP?


        Test ISR G2 2901

        Works with manually configured pnp profile after removing ccp files/directory and now in use as DHCP server so no longer a test client


        Test 2960S  WS-C2960S-48LPS-L  12.2(58)SE2

        - Still not working even though it is running the right code and other devices are now getting the right info from the new IOS DHCP server


        Test 3650 #2 "Out of the Box"

        Now working in that on boot up I see it in the "Unplanned Devices" section

        Note: Had to up the SNMP timeout to 30 seconds before it started working (after I fixed DHCP)


        Test 3650 #1 "Out of the Box"

        This one is interesting...I had a pre-provisioned record for the 2960S and I initially mistakenly put in the Serial Number of 3650#1.  I then went back and fixed it but only after the APIC-EM PnP saw it and started talking to it.  I disconnected once i saw that since I didn't want to load a 2960 image onto a 3650.  So even now, with the correct SN of the 2960S when I bring up this 3650#1 APIC-EM still sees it as the 2960 and tries to provision it per the "state" I defined in the pre-provisioned tool. . That is, even though I now have a pre-privision record for a 2960S with the right SN when I bring up the 3650 whose SN I had mistakenly put in it tries to provision that 3650 per the 2960S rules I defined.


        the APIC dashboard is "stuck"  in "Deploying Image" and I can't delete that record from the APIC-EM.



        FOC1534Y4ESWS-C2960S-48LPSc2960s-universalk9-mz.122-58.SE2.bin2016-12-08 16:16:12 (Pacific Standard Time)Deploying Image


        Note: after it failed, i was able to remove the entire project.

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          Sorry about typo.. i have corrected that now.


          a couple more questions:

          1) for the 2960S, can you manually create a pnp profile?  does the option 43 get received by the device?

          2) 3650#2.  SNMP should not be required until after the PnP process is complete (the controller adds it to the inventory).  Are you using VLAN 1 for management, and what version of code on the 3650.

          3) 3650#1.  A rule binds a serial number to an image/config file.  if the deployment fails you need to wait for an error timeout (16mins for config).  Once this occurs you can remove the rule and start again.



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            going from bottom to top starting with your 3)


            3) Thanks for the details on the timeout.  I think that is consistent with what I saw.


            2) I am using Vlan1 - trying to keep it very simple.

            Not sure why changing the SNMP to 30sec should have made a difference. Possible I didn't wait long enough....I tried it with the default value and it never came up in APIC-EM. Once I updated that it seemed to come right up.


            1) So this one is still not working.  I've upgraded it to 15 code and now the pnp commands are there (no debug) but when I manually configure it just keeps trying the APIC-EM but never gets a response.  It does get an IP from the IOS DHCP server so I'm assuming it gets DHCP option 43 as the other devices seem to be now but I've not done any packet captures.





            Switch(config)#pnp profile manual-test

            Switch(config-pnp-init)#transport http ipv4 port 80



            Mar 30 01:35:35.988: %SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from console by consolee

            % Ambiguous command:  "de"

            Switch#debug pnp ?

            % Unrecognized command

            Switch#debug pnp


            % Invalid input detected at '^' marker.



            Switch#show pnp profile



            Initiator Profile manual-test: 0 open connections: 0 closing connections

              Encap: pnp

              WSSE header is not required. Configured authorization level is 1

              Max message (RX) is 50 Kbytes

              XEP Faults are sent

              Idle timeout infinite

              Keepalive not configured

              Reconnect time 60 seconds

              Primary transport: http to host, port 80, URL onplusops/WORK-REQUEST

              Not connected, next reconnect attempt in 41 seconds




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              I just took a closer look at the 2960s.


              that version of code is very old.c2960s-universalk9-mz.122-58.SE2.bin (27-JUL-2011).  There is no way that will work.


              PnP release notes require the following min version of code for 2960S 15.2.2E3, 15.2.3E2, 15.2.4E1


              There is a c2960s-universalk9-mz.152-2.E5a.bin (Oct 2016) that should work well (and have debugging)!


              unfortunately, you have a "bootstrap" issue.  you need to upgrade to 15.2(2)E5a before you can test pnp.

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                Thank you for that!


                So I am checking for support info here:


                Supported Platforms for the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module, Release 1.3.0.x - Cis…


                am I reading this wrong?  I assumed that Base Apps support included PnP?  but maybe not since the other column headings could be included in the "base apps"....


                Supported Switches

                Minimum Software Version


                Recommended Software Version

                Base Apps


                Path Trace




                Path Stats Interface

                Path Stats QoS

                Catalyst 2960-S Series switches, including stacks


                Cisco IOS 15.2(1)E1, 12.2(58)SE2






                Understand the bootstrapping issue...NP...this is for a demo so I'll upgrade to your suggested version.



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                  Hi Claudia,


                  the base apps are discovery/topology/path trace.


                  PnP has it's own set of release notes as the PnP feature requires specific IOS support for the PnP agent.  We can make base apps work on most versions of IOS, PnP is quite specific.


                  Release Notes for Cisco Network Plug and Play, Release 1.3x - Cisco

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                    Here is a sample windows DHCP config from a colleague of minepnp-windows.png

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