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UCS C240 not recognised by ucsmsdk - what have I missed?

Question asked by rktem43byr on Sep 29, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2016 by rktem43byr

I have to automate the configuration of a number of C240 servers and am trying to use ucsmsdk. I am failing at the first hurdle. I can't work out what I am doing wrong. Can somebody help?


When I try to run the basic test script to login and then logout it fails with a "Not a supported server" error.




Client written in ucsmsdk v0..9.1.1 working on getting v0.9.2.0 installed.


Server UCS C240 M4S

BIOS C240M4.2.0.9b

CIMC Firmware 2.0(9e)


Test code


from ucsmsdk.ucshandle import UcsHandle

conn = UcsHandle('n.n.n.n', '**username**', '**password**')



When I run this it fails with this exception.

  ucsmsdk.ucsexception.UcsLoginError: Not a supportecd server


Debug steps


I have checked that the credentials are correct by altering them and then running the script.


I have also connected to the URI that the ucsmsdk code is using wget.


wget --no-check-certificate http://n.n.n.n:443


I get a compressed (GZIP)  CIMC login page.  Is this expected?


Thanks for the help.