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CMX - MSE doesn’t send us back the location data (x,y)

Question asked by metsotNable on Sep 9, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by metsotNable

We are a mobile development team from Nable AMEA.  We had Schedule the Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences Connect v1, from dCloud.  We are developing a mobile application software using the CMX-MSE  and we are facing two problems. 


First problem: 

We don’t have this option:  From the Connect & Engage UI, Mobile App > Mobile App Server from the left sidebar menu to view the Mobile Application Server details. 

Second problem: 

Perhaps has connection with the first problem.  We do registration from our mobile app to the server (CMX-MSE) but server doesn’t send us back the location data (x,y).   We are using the SDK CMX Android/iOS Framework to develop our mobile application. 


Yours faithful Metaxas Sotirios