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MediaSense Event Subscription

Question asked by bilalahmed54 on May 12, 2014
Latest reply on May 16, 2014 by bilalahmed54

I want to ask 2 things regarding MediaSense Events Subscription:


1. When I subscribe to mediasense events, I am not getting complete JSON Schema when particular event occurs. I get response from 'EventBody' while it should start from


"eventType": "SESSION_EVENT",

"eventAction": "DELETED",

"forwardedEvent": "TRUE",


After this EventBody Comes. But I don't get the above three information in my response.


2. I am un-able to understand the un-subscription criteria other than we implicitly do it. When Mediasense server un-subscribes our events subscription ? Is there any limit/conditions after whom we will have to re-subscribe for mediasense events ?


Thanks in Advance


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