OSCON [Austin, TX]

Created by devnetevents2 on May 4, 2016

Monday, May 16, 2016 at Austin, TX

Starts at 2:00 PM ยท Ends on May 20, 2016 at 2:00 AM, GMT (Etc/GMT)

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What's it all about?
OSCON is where the open source community gathers to celebrate achievements, spark new ideas, and map the future of open computing through collaboration and education. Open source and standards are the foundation for platforms for key DevNet technologies (Cloud, Network Programmability, Security, IoT, and more).


What's DevNet's Doing?
We are a valuable partner of the open source community, making significant contributions to open source projects and featuring them prominently in our products and solutions. DevNet is our developer network, helping developers like you improve your products and solutions using our technologies, including open source platforms and APIs that help you build and deploy network aware applications. In addition to substantial contributions to Open Source, we have a lot of other interesting things, come talk to us and find out more!


Check out our DevNet OpenSource DevCenter where you can find the following:


We'll also be talking about tools (NeXt UI Toolkit, Sandbox, and more!) that you can use. Get the skills you need to develop and innovate in our Learning Labs (REST, Python, XML, JSON, YANG, RESTCONF, NETCONF, OPENSTACK, SHIPPED) and information about Hackathons you should check out for creating open source reference implementation of open standards. Then your build apps on top of OpenDaylight Apps many of which are hosted in our DevNet Labs!


Austin, TX