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Read this FAQ to learn more about the Cisco Collaboration User Group.


What is the Cisco Collaboration User Group?

The new Cisco Collaboration User Group is a user group sponsored by Cisco for Cisco Unified Communications, TelePresence, and WebEx customers to share best practices with each other, get early details on forthcoming product and solution releases, influence roadmaps, participate in Beta programs, and directly engage Cisco executives and technical experts.  The Cisco Collaboration User Group is part of the Collaboration Community, launch in March 2009, enabling customers to connect, communicate, and collaborate with Cisco, industry experts, and their peers.


Cisco Collaboration User Group members have access to all the training and educational benefits of a traditional user group, but in a Web 2.0 environment that allows you to collaboration in new and exciting ways.  There is no cost to join the Cisco Collaboration User Group - membership is free.


What is the Cisco Contact Center User Group?

The Cisco Contact Center User Group is a community within the Cisco Collaboration User Group for users with a specific interest in contact centers.  Contact Center User Group members will have access to contact center specific events and information.


How do I join the Cisco Collaboration User Group?

Customer may join the user group from the Collaboration Community Cisco User Groups area in the Collaboration Community.  Click on the Join link on the right side of the page.  Customers must have a ID and accept a confidentiality agreement to join.  This agreement enables Cisco to provide a richer level of content for Cisco Collaboration User Group members.


Is there a membership fee to belong?

There is no cost to join the Cisco Collaboration User Group; virtual participation and benefits are free.  Cisco LIVE is Cisco's only customer conference and provides attendees extensive opportunities for education and interaction.  Because it is a self funding event, registration feeds apply to all participants.  More information can be found on the Cisco Live website.


Is there an annual Cisco Collaboration User Group conference?

Cisco LIVE is the annual in person venue for education and networking with Cisco and other Cisco Collaboration User Group members.  Cisco LIVE 2009 is June 27 through July 2 in San Francisco, California.


Will there be Cisco LIVE 2009 activities specifically for Cisco Collaboration User Group members?

Cisco LIVE 2009, June 27 through July 2 in San Francisco, California, provides the opportunity to leverage the newly created Unified Communications and Collaboration Track, in addition to reaching into other Cisco technologies, increasing the value of members' time and resources.


The Collaboration Cafe, booth #1807, will be the designated area to meet and network with colleagues, register for the Collaboration User Group, blog on the community and talk to Cisco experts.  Members are also invited to a special welcome reception and roundtable discussions on Communications, WebEx, and TelePresence.


Is there an Executive Committee to help steer the Cisco Collaboration User Group?

Yes, the Collaboration User Group Executive Committee consists of two members from each of the Unified Communications, TelePresence, WebEx, and Contact Center areas of interest.  The Executive Committee acts as an advisor to help guide the end user organization and build a closer relationship with Cisco.  Executive Committee members serve for a two year term.


What monthly benefits does the Cisco Collaboration User Group offer?

Customized Webinars: Members are invited to participate exclusively in monthly educational webinars based on current announcements, industry direction, and requested educational topics.  These interactive, one hour sessions will include Q&A and the opportunity to follow up with one-on-one conversations with Cisco experts.


Monthly Newsletter: Members have the opportunity to subscribe to a monthly newsletter written specifically with Cisco collaboration users in mind.  Collaboration Insights is focused on those topics where our Cisco customers have expressed an interest.  Cisco Collaboration User Group members are invited to subscrive, engage and influence the information in this newsletter.  Cisco is very interested in engaging the users to participate with topics and articles based on their implementations.  You are welcome to subscribe now to the Collaboration Insights newsletter.


How do members interact with Cisco Product Management?

Quarterly Quorum Webinars: Customer are invited to participate in quarterly meetings with Cisco Product Management for discussions around collaboration and contact center product functionality, recent updates, and product direction.  Agendas are based on details from previous webinars, customer input, and product management requests.


Feature Feedback: Customers may provide feedback regarding Cisco product functionality and influence Cisco product direction through a Feature Feedback tool.


Beta and Early Field Trial Opportunities: Customers have the opportunity to get early hands-on access to new releases and products by participating in Beta and Early Field trials.  Cisco Collaboration User Group members receive early notice of Beta opportunities.


Are there special Cisco Collaboration User Group educational opportunities offered throughout the year?

Yes, members are invited to participate in bi-annual Deep Dive Webinar Series on topics requiring detailed information from Cisco's technical team.  These two hour sessions presented by subject matter experts discuss one topic in detail.


How can I help Cisco provide Cisco Collaboration User Group resources that meet my needs?

Collaboration User Group members have the opportunity to share information about their Cisco solution implementations in a member profile.  This information will enable Cisco to better understand where to focus development efforts and Cisco Collaboration User Group resources.  Members are also encouraged to provide input through web 2.0 community discussions.