UCS Hardware and Software Compatibility and PowerTool

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Cisco has implemented an updated UCS Hardware and Software Compatibility website and API.  Also known as the Hardware Compatibility List, or HCL, users can verify compatibility of UCS Hardware with Firmware versions and OS drivers with all compatibility information maintained by a database back-end.


The Cisco UCS PowerTool Suite also now supports interactions with the HCL that include the following automation workflows:

  • Collecting system inventory for subsequent upload to the HCL
  • Querying HCL profiles stored in the back-end and invoking a compatibility check with a single Cmdlet
  • Modifying HCL profiles as needed with PowerShell to check compatibility of existing HW with new Firmware or OS versions (before actually performing an update).


The demo here gives a brief overview of the HCL and new CmdLets supported by the Cisco UCS PowerTool.