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You can access the properties of the activity by single clicking on the respective activity line as you would do in other areas of DCP.

Please Note:  Due to a bug in the system, the Activity Name appears as a hyperlink, but it is not. Consequently, clicking on the activity name has no effect.  In order to open the properties, you must click anywhere on the activity line except the activity name.

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The Properties are divided into three sections:  Essentials, Progress and Resources.


Essentials contain the overview of the activity details.  You can update the Activity Name or the Chargeable Flag on this tab.  No other fields are editable.


Progress is where most of the updates will occur. 


Here you can update the Activity Status to either Not Started, In Progress, Delivered, Pending, Completed or Cancelled.


You can specify how much you have progressed on the task by entering the Percent Complete, reflecting how much work has been done versus what work is remaining.


There are three date fields:  The Planned Dates reflects the overall planned start and stop dates for the activity.  The My Planned Dates reflects when you are committing to work on the activity.  The Actual Dates reflect the dates actuals were entered into the system against this activity.


Earliest Charged Date and Latest Charged Date overall expenditures that have been logged to the activity.


Resources is where individuals can be assigned to the activity as either the Primary Resource or as Contributing resources.  If a resource was associated to an activity when the resource assignment was made, it would display here.  If not, you can add the resource to the activity be entering their CEC ID, and then updating the Plan Start, Plan Finish and the estimated hours to work assigned to the resource.


Please Note:  In order to log time to the project, they must be assigned and approved to the project.  Assigning a resource to the activity will not result in their assignment (and approval) to the project.  It will ensure that the activity appears in their Time Entry activity dropdown for the project, however.