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After selecting Activities from the Delivery Management submenu, you will see a list of all the activities associated with your projects.  This list will be filtered to "My Recently Updated Activities on my Projects" by default.  This list is also pre-filtered by any Workview that you may have already applied.


You have the option to select another pre-configured filter, or create your own by selecting the "Edit Table Configuration" icon to the right of the filter dropdown and creating a new filter configuration.


The ability to view All Activities is not pre-built option due to the negative impact this can have on the system for users with a large number of projects. However, you can create your own All Content filter by creating your own filter (Edit Table Configuration) and selecting all your projects, and omitting any additional filters.  It is recommended to use the Workview or Project selections from the left hand pane prior to using an All Activities filter.


You can view the properties / details of the activity by single clicking on the activity line itself.


Please Note:  Due to a bug in the system, the Activity name appears as a hyperlink.  It is not a link, and clicking the Activity itself will have no effect.  Please click anywhere else on the line to open the properties area.