Understand the Resource Request / Assignment

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Request / Assignment Properties

A Resource Request or Assignment within your queue contains all the information regarding the resource request or assignment.  In DCP 2.0, most information can now be found in the properties area under each request.


Attributes of the Request / Assignment


The essentials section contains all of the mandatory aspects of the resource request, including the project information, the role requested or assigned, the role description, start and end dates, effort and job description.  Any activities that were associated will be listed.  If the item is an assignment, the name of the resource will also be displayed.

Competencies [Request Types Only]

List of competencies needed or desired to perform the work

Additional Details

All of the request information that is not considered mandatory will be found on the Additional Details tab.   This includes Location, Onsite Requirements, and Travel Requirements.

Linked Content

If the requester associated any documentation to the request, such as Statement Of Work (SOW), it will be found on the Linked Content tab.


Staffing [Request Types Only]

Information specifically tailored to the staffing organization, such as the staffing organization, the staffing owner, working owner.  This is where you can capture comments about the resource request.

View History

View History contains a record by record account of any changes to the resource request, starting at the date the resource was created.   A record will be created when any of the following events occur:

Change in Status, Change in Staffing Owner, Change in Sourcing Organization, Change in Working Owner

Note:  The resource history capability was introduced in late 2015, so any history prior to this period will not be captured.

Escalation Details [Escalated Requests Only]

View the escalation details of the selected request. 

Project Details

The main information regarding the project can be found on this tab, including the project description, project manager, delivery manager, engagement type, project status, theater, country, project dates, project sales order numbers, deal id information, and deal price.