Provision Bare Metal CentOS 7 Local Disk

Version 2

    The attached workflow will provision CentOS 7 on UCS Managed Server with Local Boot. CentOS 7 Requires that the UCS Drivers to be injected in the image. The injection process is done as part of the PXE boot process. This requires changes to the pxe.cfg file where you specify the ISO for the drivers (see image below). The ISO can be copied to the /opt/cnsaroot/templates/image_name (CentOS7) directory. CentOS 7 also requires a new ks.cfg settings. Both the pxe.cfg and ks.cfg sample files are included with this workflow.


    Workflow tested with UCS Director 5.5 but should work with older version as long as you have the new pxe.cfg and ks.cfg files.


    Sample pxe.cfg for UCS Driver Injection