UCSD - Provison Bare Metal Windows 2012 R2 with Static IP and powershell to Join Domain

Version 3

    UCS Director Workflow will provision Windows 2012 R2 on UCS Managed server. Once the Server is provisioned there is a powershell task that will add the server to a Windows Domain.


    The workflow has been tested with UCS Director 5.5 and uses new Setup Windows PXE Boot task which allows the ability to have lots of parameters in the Additional Parameters field. This Field will update the parameters in the Windows autounattend.xml file which is used for windows configuration settings. This example does Static IP. Workflow has been test with 5.4 but you may run into issues with exceeding the number of parameters allowed in the Additional Parameters field.


    Example New Step Windows PXE Boot Task with new Additional Parameters field.


    Window autounattend.xml Example for Static IPs