What are the next steps for my scheduled SE Managed Custom CPOC Test?

Version 7

    We look forward to working with you and your customer to achieve a successful Lab event!

    Here are some best practices that can help ensure a successful CPOC experience:


    • At minimum, have a high level test plan that has been confirmed by the customer.
    • Confirm that the correct equipment has been assigned to your visit (link is in the CPOC Request)
    • Have an internal conference call with key account team members and the CPOC point of contact assigned to review any set-up or additional needs (i.e. test tool assistance, conference rooms, TP unit, etc.)
    • Ensure any outside technical resources who plan to assist with the visit are confirmed, CPOC technical resources are typically not available to assist in an impromptu manner.
    • Check the CPOC communities pages for location/area information and hotel accommodations:
    • Ensure any DLP or outside equipment shipments are directed to the correct contact and arrive at the CPOC in a timely manner.
    • Have a conference call with key customer stakeholders and discuss what they should expect from the SE Managed Custom test.
    • Communicate the number of people attending, and the names and emails of the customers so badge access and guest wireless access can be arranged.

    For site specific information please proceed to the following link: