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In DCP, the Delivery Management module is a combination of Project Summary, Activities, Resource Management and MCC. The overall page layout is the same as the Content Management module.




Project Summary


Upon selecting the Project Summary Quick Selector, DCP updates the Table Listing with PID overview information for the Projects in which you are associated.


1. Select “Delivery Management” from the Functional Area drop down.


2. Click on the Project Summary Quick Selector icon.



Default View

DCP will display a list of all projects of your Active PIDs.  By default, you will see the Project ID, Project Name, Customer, Project Status, Elapsed Time, and the number of open Resource Requests associated to your project.


Note:  If a Work View, Customer or PID filter is set on the Left Navigation Pane, DCP will display the reduced list of projects related to the selection in the Left Hand Pane.



Project ID:

The Identifier of the Project.  The list of Projects being displayed will reflect those you are associated, and what has been selected in left hand menu.


Project Name:

The Name as entered when the project was setup



The Customer associated with the Project


Project Status:

Reflects the current status of the project.  The status can be one of Pipeline, Presales, Active, On-Hold, Delivery Closed, Closed or Cancelled.


Elapsed Time:

Reflects the percentage of time has elapsed based on the defined Project Start Date and Project End Date.  Elapsed Time does NOT consider effort or ETC.


Resource Reqs:

The number of unfilled Resource Requests associated to the project.



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