UCSD Spark Plugin

Version 4

    This is a full open source plugin for Spark integration



    It includes a full converged stack view, 16 workflows and nice features like rollback and popup selections. It was written with the intention to be well documented, easy to test and as a great starter for people to write their own UCS Director plugins for storage, compute and networking.


    It is open source and released under the Apache License 2.0.


    Downloading & Installing

    Please visit the GitHub releases page for the latest signed version.


    To install it you will first need a Spark Developer Key.

    1. Visit the Cisco Spark Developer community - https://developer.ciscospark.com/
    2. Click Sign In in the top right
    3. Click Get Started
    4. Under Authentication will be your API key - copy the whole thing
    5. For example: Bearer XYZwODlmZTQtZTIxYy00MTVjLWExMGEtMDNlYzljMmQyZTgyZTUyMTM4NjctOTI0


    Once this is enabled you can install the UCS Director plugin:

    1. Navigate to Administration -> Open Automation
    2. Select Add and select Spark-plugin.zip to upload
    3. Once it has finished uploading, select the plugin and click Enable to mark it as active
    4. ssh to your UCS Director installation as shelladmin and select 3 to stop services and y to confirm
    5. Select 4 to start services again


    UCS Director will reload. This may take up to 10 minutes.


    Once it has come back online, navigate to Administration -> Physical Accounts, select the Physical Accounts tab and click Add.


    Select Storage as the account type (yes, I know...) and then select Spark. You can only add it to a Generic Pod.


    Issues & Support

    There is currently no formal support for this plugin and no warranty is given.


    However, please report any problems in the issues page on GitHub.


    Screenshots & More Information

    A number of screenshots are available if you want to see what it looks like.


    For more information and up to date information, visit the GitHub site.