Frinx OpenDaylight Distribution Sandbox v1 now available in Cisco dCloud!

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The Frinx OpenDaylight (ODL) Distribution is a carrier-class version of ODL. In addition to the public ODL code, it includes software and functionality unique to the Frinx ODL Distribution. Frinx offers open source-based networking software products together with support services, training, consulting, and development packages.


Frinx is part of a vivid ecosystem of open-source players that enrich Cisco® solutions for customers' business challenges.


Check it out here: Frinx OpenDaylight Distribution Sandbox v1.


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  • Scenario 1: Explore ODL Features
  • Scenario 2: Explore DLUX
  • Scenario 3: Install OpenFlow Features with Feature Manager
  • Scenario 4: Install BGP PathMan Application
  • Scenario 5: Enable OpenFlow in Karaf
  • Scenario 6: Install OpenFlow Manager Application
  • Scenario 7: Install PathMan SR from Cisco DevNet



  • Laptop
  • Cisco AnyConnect



  • Frinx OpenDaylight Distribution 1.2.3
  • CentOS 7 and 6.6
  • VIRL simulating 8 ASR9ks
  • Cisco IOS XRv 6.0.0




Frinx ODL Distribution
  • Carrier-class version of ODL
  • Designed for end-users, resellers, developers, and OEM customers
  • Releases synchronized with ODL schedule for quality assurance
  • Unique software and functionality only available through this distribution
Virtual Internet Routing Lab (VIRL)
  • Multi-purpose network virtualization platform
  • Build, configure, and test new and existing network topologies