Cisco WAN Automation Engine and Cirba Intelligent Workload Placement Sandbox v1 now available on Cisco dCloud!

Document created by lamarsh on May 13, 2016
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This sandbox demonstrates intelligent workload placement using Cisco WAN Automation Enging (WAE), which provides comprehensive WAN optimization functionality, and Cirba, a third-party, automated data center resource-management and capacity-control software product. Cirba intelligently balances infrastructure supply and demand in virtual and cloud infrastructures. The combination of Cisco WAE and Cirba enables an orchestration platform to strategically place workloads based on data center resource requirements, network SLAs, and business, compliance, and technical constraints for any given workload. This proof-of-concept sandbox highlights WAE in combination with Cisco partner Cirba. Cisco WAE and Cirba Intelligent Workload Placement is not a committed product at this time, but this sandbox highlights the features of both tools.


Check it out here: Cisco WAN Automation Engine and Cirba Intelligent Workload Placement Sandbox v1




  • Scenario 1: Create Single Placement Request
  • Scenario 2: Create Batch Placement Request




  • Laptop
  • Cisco AnyConnect



  • Cisco WAE 6.0.1
  • Cirba 8.2
  • PC workstation at
    • Includes sample batch workload file for batch placement requests




Intelligent Workload Placement Web App
  • Define workload specifications for both Cirba and WAE.
  • View rankings of data centers based on various policies.
  • Place/route workloads on a data center.
  • View routed workloads with associated data.
Single Placement Requests
  • Query WAE and Cirba on network and data center resources for a single workload.
  • Rank results based on specific policy.
  • Route workload to preferred data center.
Batch Placement Requests
  • Upload .txt workload file.
  • Generate results based on different policies.
  • Create final placement using the Balanced Network/DC policy.