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Document created by ewindgat on May 11, 2016
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  1. How to get the average or expected wait time accuracy?
  2. Is there a CALL END API when the call ends?

QHow to get the average or expected wait time accuracy?

AYou can use Get Reporting Statistic step to view the current state of your CCX system or to report back to a caller such information as current wait duration, position in queue, and expected wait time.

The expected wait time calculation is based on the number of agents in reserved, talking, and work states for this CSQ, the call’s position in the queue,and the average call duration for this CSQ. Average call duration of a CSQ is the average time agents spend in Reserved, Talking, and Work states while handling a call from this CSQ.

QJust a single DB Write and DB Release following the Label you send the contact to when it abandons.  The responses from the caller would be saved in local variables within the script as normal.  Then, if the caller abandons before completing, the Contact Inactive Exception would be caught and the triggering contact sent to a label where you can then write out whatever you have at that point.  This would be functionally similar to an End Call Action in CVP.