Cisco IOS XR 6.0 End-to-End Automation Lab v1 now available!

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Cisco IOS XR 6.0 unites significant operational enhancements that make the life of network operators easier. This lab explores the entire workflow with the day-0 to day-N deployment considerations of a typical router for a particular BGP use case. It focuses on all the new capabilities of IOS-XR and the way the capabilities interconnect to reduce time to deployment and OPEX and provide real-time feedback to network operators.

Check it out here: Cisco IOS XR 6.0 End-to-End Automation Lab v1




  • Scenario 1: Asking the right questions before deployment
  • Scenario 2: Day 0: Zero Touch provisioning techniques
  • Scenario 3: Day 1: Modularity: XR rpm package format, new XR install commands
  • Scenario 4: Day1: Setting up SSH access: Understanding the architecture
  • Scenario 5: Day 1: Application Hosting: chef, automation, native and container apps
  • Scenario 6: Day 2: Manageability: Automating XR configuration, YANG, netconf, YDK
  • Scenario 7: Day N: Streaming Telemetry: on-box and off-box telemetry, alerts and actions




  • Laptop
  • Cisco AnyConnect





  • Linux POD environment
  • IOS XRv9K 6.0




Linux POD environment
  • Hosts the dhcp server and web server for ZTP
  • Hosts the chef server and web server to automate operations
  • Hosts the ELK stack to receive telemetry data.
  • Used to run knife commands, YDK scripts and to access the router
  • Used to edit sample applications, BGP prefix count configuration and visualize telemetry data
  • Provides virtualized instance of IOS XR
  • Provides Zero-Touch provisioning functionality
  • Provides an environment to run chef, native apps and container apps
  • Provides support for YANG models to configure XR
  • Streams telemetry data based on policy files and configuration