Version 1

    For Intercloud Fabric 2.3.1 to support ESXi 6.0, vCenter 6.0 and DVS 6.0


    There was a file left out of the build for ICF 2.3.1, vijava60compat.jar


    As a workaround to DVS issue, add the jar vijava60compat.jar to the folder, In ICFD, /opt/infra/inframgr the same folder where vijava55b20130927.jar is located and update the script classpath to have vijava60compat.jar before vijava55b20130927.jar


    SCP to the file to ICFD


    Restart the ICFD services via the shelladmin menu


    ssh to ICFD as shelladmin/<icf password>


    on presented menu


    Stop the database

    Stop the services

    Start the database

    Start the services

    View the services repeatedly until all the services are running


    login to ICFD and request an inventory collection


    DVS Port Groups should now be visible.