Resource Guide: Cisco Cloud Consumption as a Service

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Employees and business groups are increasingly going around IT to get the cloud services they need to do their job.The phenomenon, dubbed shadow IT, is growing exponentially and becoming a major headache for IT leaders. Recent analysis by Cisco reveals the average large enterprise now uses 1,220 individual cloud services. That’s up to 25 times more than estimated by IT.  And the average number of cloud services has grown 112 percent over the past year, and 67 percent over the past six months.


Using the new Cisco Cloud Consumption as a Service, software-as-a-services product, customers can reduce financial and security exposure by identifying risky cloud services, cloud use anomalies, and compliance issues.  They can also cut cloud costs by finding ways to consolidate redundant services. Perhaps most importantly, the ability to discover and monitor cloud usage helps IT team better understand the needs of employees and internal teams. When combined with industry benchmarking, this critical information helps IT teams formulate a more strategic cloud strategy for their organization.


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