Cisco UCS Python SDK - ucsmsdk

Version 8


    •      Using pip:

         pip install ucsmsdk


    •      Using Github:

         Install pip (skip if pip is already available):

         git clone
         cd ucsmsdk
         make install



         pip uninstall ucsmsdk



        GitHub - CiscoUcs/ucsmsdk_samples

    Features v0.9.2.0:

    • Support for UCSM 3.1(2b)
    • Adds Support for Generating python APIs from a Ucs backup xml -
    • Adds Infra to facilitate and notify users of API deprecation
    • Allows the ucsmsdk/apis layer APIs to pass in None values to indicate that no
      change is requested to those specific params
    • Adds a method to check if the handle.cookie is still valid
    • Fix in eventhandlers, where some events were not getting processed
    • Fix in eventhandlers, where timeout was not getting triggered until new
    • Fix in get_ucs_tech_support, where techsupport for rack server was failing
    • Fix in logout, where a Ctrl+C was causing stale connections on the server
    • Deprecated get_ucs_tech_support in favour of get_tech_support. The newer
      API simplifies the API

    Features v0.9.1.1:

    • Support for UCSM 2.2.7
    • Simplified event handlers to a single wait_for_event method. UcsEventHandler internals are hidden from user.
    • Support for showing progress for upload/download operations
    • Support for multi-threading in SDK. An application can run multiple threads that can use SDK methods in parallel.
    • Support for multiple parallel transactions via the tag parameter in add_mo, set_mo, remove_mo, commit_mo
    • Fix for convert_to_ucs_python exception in some scenarios
    • Fix for convert_to_ucs_python not displaying python script for Java6u45
    • Fix for event handlers not trigerring for some events
    • Added more unit and system tests
    • Better Documentation

    Features v0.9.1.0:

    • Support for UCSM 3.1.1
    • Support for Python 3.x
    • Support for Comparing and Syncing Objects across Ucs Domains - compare_ucs_mo sync_ucs_mo
    • Support for filter_str in query_children method
    • Support to drill down into Managed Object Meta and Property Meta details - get_meta_info
    • Support to monitor any/all change(s) in a ManagedObject with UcsEventHandler
    • Fix for Unable to make unsecured connection when redirection was enabled on the server
    • Fix for issues with the usage of force parameter in Login method
    • Fix for not filter not generating filter request
    • Fix for TechSupport not getting removed from server even when remove_from_ucs=True
    • Fix for convert_to_ucs_python not redirecting output to a file
    • Fix for convert_to_ucs_python not working correctly when gui_log=True
    • More PEP8 compliance related fixes

    Features v0.9.0.0:

    • Python SDK for UCS server management and related automation
    • Supports every Managed Object exposed by Cisco UCSM
    • APIs for CRUD operations simplified for usability
    • convert_to_ucs_python - API to generate Python script based on operations done on the UCSM UI
    • Support for server side filters made simpler
    • Support for eventhandlers
    • Parameter validation on the client-end
    • Runtime memory usage is reduced
    • logging support
    • Nosetests for unit testing
    • Samples directory for more real world use cases
    • Integrating the sphinx framework for documentation
    • PEP8 Compliance




    A slide-deck in markdown describing some of the changes:

         stash/ at master · CiscoUcs/stash · GitHub



         We are also on Slack - slack requires registration, but the ucspython team is open invitation to anyone to register here

    Quick reference for PythonSDK  commands is available  for download.Please find it attached below as


 is not backward compatible with any of the earlier SDKs. It is re-written to be more pythonic and moves away from the earlier JAVA like syntax.