Elma - ComSys-5001

Version 3

    The ComSys-5001 is a high performance mission compute platform ideal for vehicular

    applications in demanding environments in defense, industry, homeland security and

    agriculture. On top of a rich set of standard I/O and the latest 4th Generation Intel

    processing power and graphics support, the system is a Cisco certified routing engine

    complete with the full suite of mobile routing protocols essential for network attached

    equipment on the move. In addition, the ComSys-5001 provides dual band Wifi

    connection for maximum transmit and receive ranges in wireless networks. Support for

    CANbus rounds out the major features of the ComSys-5001 enabling intra-vehicular

    communication between essential electronic assets on board. Packaged in a small, sealed

    and light weight chassis, the ComSys-5001 is ready to perform.