Elma - NetSys-5302

Version 2

    The NetSys-5302 brings Cisco Mobile Ready Net capabilities to mobile and fixed

    IP based network routing capability deployed in harsh environments encountered

    in drilling and mining operations, commercial air and ground transport

    infrastructure, energy distribution, mobile ground, ship board and air defense

    equipment, homeland security and emergency services.


    The generous port count and rugged design of Elma’s NetSys-5302 brings Cisco certified mobile

    and secure IP routing protocols to larger networks where rugged performance in a SWaP optimized

    chassis are key. Featuring up to 27 external Ethernet ports, the NetSys-5302 delivers critical data,

    voice and video information to mobile users in defense, mining, industrial and disaster recovery applications

    with the fast and secure network performance that only Cisco can provide.

    29x External Ethernet ports;

         2x 10/100 router ports

         2x 10/100/100 switched ports

         25 x 10/100 switched ports