UCSD - EZ Cloud Release 1.1 Secure 3 Tier vDC with ACI, ASA and F5

Version 2

    The use cases in this document builds on work from EZ Cloud Release 1 available the below link.  It is highly recommended you start by reviewing and implementing that foundation before working with this use case.


    UCSD - EZ Cloud Release 1 to Jumpstart Private Cloud


    Many enterprises are looking for ways to make it easy to deploy multi-tier application stacks including the configuration of the FW and Load Balancing layers. This use case is targeted at delivering that use case with leveraging an ACI fabric and ASA and F5 for services.  In this case, this example does NOT leverage service graphs or device package integration through ACI, rather leverages a manual stitching approach to insert the service nodes into the Application Profile, and then automating the base configuration of the ASA and F5 through UCS Director.


    Here is an example of the networking structure that will be deployed with this use case


    secure project anp.png


    And here is a glimpse of the workflow that creates this structure:


    Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 6.43.57 PM.png


    Also included is a workflow that enables end users to deploy new VMs into the vDC created and automatically add the new VMs to the Load Balancer Pool.


    Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 6.03.52 PM.png


    In addition to the workflow export, there are also some slides that walk through the use cases and setting them up in your environment.