Cisco IOx Nodes (ISR819/CGR1120/1240/IR829/809) Hardware and Software Specification

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For Cisco IOx Industrial Routers, mainly there are ISR 819(C819), CGR1120/1240, IR829/809, and IR910. Here list the main OS and hardware(CPU, Memory, Flash storage) information for them. Please see the below table for details.


IP GradeIP41

CGR1120: IP30 (for indoors)

CGR1240: IP67 (for outdoors)

IR809: IP30

IR829: IP54

Ethernet ports (LAN/WAN)

4 * FE RJ45

1 * GE RJ45

CGR1120: 6 * FE RJ45; 2 * GE; RJ45/SFP

CGR1240: 4 * FE RJ45; 2 * GE; RJ45/SFP

IR809: 2 * FE RJ45

IR829: 4 * GE RJ45; 1 * GE SFP

Serial ports


1 * RS232

1 * RS232

1 * RS232/RS485

1 * RS232

1 * RS232/RS485



GPRS, 3G, 4G

GPRS, 3G, 4G

GPRS, 3G, 4G

Wi-Fi (LAN/


Yes (not 4G model)Yes

IR809: No

IR829: Yes


(NAN) or LTN (NAN)

NoYes (802.15.4g/e)No
CPUFreescale PowerPC - p102X SoC based, CPU freq ranges from 400 to 800 MHzIntel Atom Tunnel Creek CPU 1GHz, Single Core, X86 32bitIntel Atom Processor C2308 (1M Cache, 1.25 GHz), Dual Core, X86 64bit

IOS is running on the first CPU core. IOx Infrastructure and Hosted Applications are running on the 2nd CPU core.

1 x 400 MHz 32bit e500v2 (cap'd at 80%)

One thread is assigned to IOS, while part of the 2nd thread is assigned to the guest OS1 Core for IOS, 0.5 Core for GOS, 0.5 Core for VDS
Memory1GB1GB2GB DDR3
Memory for GOS256MB for GOS200MB for GOS1.2GB for GOS
Storage1 to 2 GB Flash (non-removable)2GB8 GB eMMC (4GB usable)
Storage for GOS16MB for GOS Local Storage1GB for GOS2GB for GOS
IOx Application Development

SDK: C819 IOx SDK including PowerPC toolchains, package tool, etc.

VM applications supported.

C819 IOx SDK Cook Book: 819-IOx-SDK-Cookbook.docx

Generic 32bit X86 Linux with kernel 3.8 and standard libraries. Ubuntu 14.04.1 32bit recommended.

Generic 64bit X86 Linux with kernel 3.8 and standard libraries. Ubuntu 14.04.1 64bit recommended.

PaaS and Container Style applications supported.