UCS Director 5.4 – Microsoft Active Directory Integration

Version 2

    UCS Director 5.4 – Microsoft Active Directory Integration


    The purpose of this document is to illustrate the steps to integrate UCS Director 5.4 with Microsoft Active Directory.  Previous versions of UCS Director have had issues with UCS Director pulling down all users in Active Directory even though you specifically drilled down to a specific group level during setup.  This could potentially be devastating to the performance UCS Director if your Active Director has a large number of users.  With UCS Director 5.4, this issue has been resolved.





    • You have a Single or Multi-Node Deployment of UCS Director 5.4.
    • You have an Administrator account on Microsoft Active Directory.
    • You have access to vCenter where your UCS Director has been deployed.




    Useful Documents


    Cisco UCS Director Administration Guide, Release 5.4




    Software/OS levels


    Listed below are the software and OS versions that were used for the testing and building this document.


    • UCS Director 5.4
    • VMware 5.1
    • Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
    • Schema Version 47


    Table of Contents


    1. Clone or Snapshot all of you Nodes
    2. Add LDAP Account to UCS Director
    3. Test and Verification
    4. Clean Up/Remove all Clones or Snapshots