Delivery Roadmap

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    You 're on the front line, delivering the services that enable technologies and business results for your customers. That's great!  But you want to know exactly what delivery of Metacloud means. Right?


    You've come to the right place! Metacloud is pretty simple, but we've assembled some supporting materials that should help you deliver a smooth installation for your customers. If you can't find what you need, please let us know.

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    Recommended training and videosOpenStack 101

    OpenStack 102

    Technical Brief

    Breakdown of the Metacloud Offer


    Firefly Training modules:

         The State of the Cloud 

         Metacloud for Partners 101

         OpenStack Components Inside Metacloud

    Metapod Installation Video Series:

         Metacloud High Performance Installation

         Metacloud General Purpose Installation

         Metacloud Starter Installation


    Firefly Training (Detailed, PDF format)

         Module 1 Cloud Market and Cisco Metacloud Overview

         Module 2 Lesson 1 OpenStack Fundamentals

         Module 2 Lesson 2 Metacloud Operations

         Module 2 Lesson 3 Metacloud Architecture

         Module 2 Lesson 4 Provisioning Metapod


    Getting Started with DevOps

    Metacloud User Training

    Metacloud Admin Training

    Design documents and tools

    Metacloud Controller Bundle Installation Guide

    Hardware Ordering Supplement



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