Sales & Marketing Roadmap

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    OK - you're in Sales or Marketing and you want to learn how to sell Metapod?


    You've come to the right place! We've created a variety of materials to help you through your journey. 


    Let's get started!


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    Recommended Training

    OpenStack 101

    Why Metapod?

    Sales Brief


    Firefly Training VODs (15 min avg. length)

         The State of the Cloud 

         Metapod for Partners 101

         Engaging Cloud Customers


    Firefly Training (Detailed PDF)

        Module 1 Cloud Market and Cisco Metapod Overview

    Sales Development

    Metapod Partner Playbook

    Metapod At-a-Glance

    Metapod Feature Matrix

    Overcoming Objections

    TCO Tool

    Metapod Ordering Guide

    Shareable with Customers

    Summit Keynote - Disney (Coming soon! video)

    How Tapjoy Uses OpenStack (Coming soon! video)

    Metapod Overview (Coming soon! video)

    Ooyala Case Study

    Tapjoy Case Study

    TechTarget: Tableau/Metapod



    Got a customer you think is a good target for Metapod? Want to do some account planning?


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