UCSD - Baremetal ESXi - UCSM, MDS, NetApp, vCenter - Static IP, Server Pool, SP desc, Server User Label, Hostname = SP name

Version 2

    This workflow is the result of using the 'UCSD ESXi BM Workflow Setup/Install (UCSD, UCSM, MDS, vCenter, NetApp)' setup guide.  To get to this guide, follow this link: ESXi Baremetal Workflow Setup - UCSD - UCSM - MDS - NetApp - vCenter


    The original workflow '‘UCSD - Bare Metal UCSM + MDS + Netapp Example’ workflow found here: https://communities.cisco.com/docs/DOC-52546 was modified to include the following changes:


    • Baremetal ESXi from Server Pool
    • ESXi Host Manual IP assignment
    • Service Profile Name = ESXi Host Name
    • Service Profile Add Description and/or User Label
    • Set Server Name and/or User Label