Cisco In-Band OAM for IPv6 v2 now available!

Document created by lamarsh on Oct 8, 2015
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Cisco In-band OAM for IPv6 (iOAM6) records information about the path an IPv6 packet takes while it traverses the network within a packet. A new IPv6 extension header introduced for this purpose complements current out-of-band OAM mechanisms based on ICMP with an in-band OAM mechanism for IPv6.

Check it out here: Cisco In-Band OAM for IPv6 v2




  • Scenario 1: Verify Pre-Configurations for iOAM6
  • Scenario 2: Derive Network Traffic Matrix for IPv6 Traffic
  • Scenario 3: Trace Flows in ECMP Network
  • Scenario 4: Trace Flows Along with Path Packet Count in ECMP Networks
  • Scenario 5: Verify Service Function Chaining




  • Laptop
  • Cisco AnyConnect



  • VM Maestro
  • vV204 release of VIRL, containing the following versions:
    • Openstack Icehouse

    • VM Maestro

    • AutoNetkit 0.9.9

    • VIRL STD

    • Ubuntu 14.4 LTS

  • Collector with pmacctd (version: pmacct-daily)
  • MySQL Server 5.6
  • Apache Tomcat 7 with sample visualization tools installed




    Cisco VM Maestro
    • Enables flexible network layout and connections.
    • Provides intuitive interface for creating network configurations.
    • Enables local user interface and performs computations in the cloud.
    • Measures, classifies, aggregates, and exports IPv4 and IPv6 traffic.
    • Collects and exports NetFlow and IPFix records.
    • An open-source RDBMS data management system that uses SQL to process data in the database.
    Apache Tomcat
    • An open-source web application server used to host sample visualization application.