Bringing it all Together - Valley Proteins Customer Case Study

Version 1

    Tracking Materials in Real Time

    Valley Proteins recycles restaurant grease and animal byproducts in 20 states, with facilities in remote, low-connectivity areas.


    To gain a holistic view of customer profitability, supplier pricing, and individual factory performance, Valley Proteins had to:

    • Centralize data from 25 remote locations
    • Better understand the profitability of each customer
    • Track materials and maintenance in real time


    An end-to-end Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) and network infrastructure supports SAP. Cisco Unified Contact Center improves call center efficiency. Cisco solutions included:


    • Improves overall profitability and business insight
    • Provides real-time tracking of vehicles and materials
    • Supports growth with modular scalability



    With Cisco UCS, we have a solid infrastructure for SAP, enabling greater business insight than we've ever had before.
    - Brad Wilton,


    Director of IT, Valley Proteins