Shogun FAQ

Version 5

    Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions:


    Q: What is the difference between Cisco Shogun and Cisco Rewards?

    A: Shogun was created by SE's for SE's. Cisco Rewards is for account managers. The entire Shogun program team is comprised of SE's. It is run by the SE organization, not by marketing.

    Q: Can I participate in both Cisco Shogun and Cisco Rewards?

    A: They are two separate programs and there is no reason you can't participate in both.

    Q: Can Account Managers participate?

    A: If you sign up for the site, we are going to take your word that you are an SE. Just remember that Meiyo (honor) is one of the seven virtues of the Bushido Code we ask our shogun to live by.

    Q: I see that Cisco Shogun is U.S. only. Will you be adding more countries in the future?

    A: We are currently working to bring in more countries. The larger Latin American countries are on the list next but we do not have any firm commitments at this time.


    Q: Right now, I can only earn rewards for doing Network Assessments. Will there be more ways to earn points in the future?

    A: Absolutely! Shogun is just getting started. There will be more ways to earn points coming in the future. We will also be adding more reward options that we think you will love. Do you have any ideas for ways to earn or use points? Join one of the discussions below:

        Ideas for future point earning opportunities?

         Ideas for Reward Prizes?


    Q: How do I see what prizes are available?

    A: Here are some examples. If you want to see the entire catalog. you can register on and look at the reward catalog. You can also contact your Cisco Channel SE for a demo:


    Q: What if my company does not allow me to earn rewards from Vendors?

    A: Obviously, we ask that you do not sign up. We have a system in place to allow Partner companies to "opt out" of Cisco Shogun. If you earn points and your employer later opts out. We may have to confiscate any points you earned while working at your company if the management of your company asks us to do so.

    Q: I own/manage a Cisco/Partner and I my company's policy does not allow our people to participate in vendor rewards programs. Can I opt my company out?

    A: Yes. Please email the team at


    Q: If I change jobs, can I still keep my points?

    A: Yes. If you go to work for another Cisco partner, then you can keep earning them. If you go to work for a Partner that has opted-out of Shogun, you can keep the points you earned but won't be able to earn more points.

    Q: What if I have a question not answered here?

    A: Use the "Ask Cisco Shogun" widget on the community home page or email the team at

    Network assessment offer specific questions:

    Q: How do I find out more about the Cisco Funded Network Assessments (CFNA) program?

    A: Right here:

    Q: What if two people claim credit for the same assessment?

    A: We will give it to the person designated in the "Partner SE Name" field in the SIRE tool (so make sure you Cisco SE inputs your name in the nomination tool). If there is no name in the SIRE tool, then we will reach out to both parties to try and sort out a solution.


    Q: How long will it take for me to get my points once I submit my assessment priority code?

    A: We will issue your points once our Network Assessments team has fully approved and paid the assessment. Some of them are processed in batches at the end of our fiscal quarter. Therefore, if you compete an assessment at the beginning of a quarter, you may have to wait a couple months to get credit. We wish we could do it faster but that is just the way it is.  For your reference, here is how Cisco's fiscal quarters fit on the calendar: Q1: Aug-Oct, Q2: Nov-Jan, Q3: Feb-Apr Q4: May-Jul

    Q: Can I earn points for doing multiple network assessments at the same customer?

    A: YES! Say, for example, you do a baseline, wireless, and data center assessment at the same customer. If the SIRE team approves all 3, then you will get 40,000 points each for a total of 120,000 points!