Buying Shared Multiparty Licensing with TelePresence Endpoint

Version 4

    The Shared Multiparty (SMP) Licensing offered with TelePresence endpoints supports Multiparty conferencing using TelePresence infrastructure components on customers premises. The customer acknowledges by purchasing SMP license that they have already or plan to deploy the necessary hardware to support Multiparty Conferencing.


    Each SMP license allows for one concurrent meeting with unlimited participants, deployed using Cisco Meeting Server or Cisco Telepresence Server. The SMP license also includes 1 Expressway Rich Media Sessions (RMS), and the CUCM/Expressway TP Room License. A single RMS licenses now only needed on Expressway-E with version X8.8 and higher.


    For Multiparty conferencing using the SMP License requires one of these options deployed;

    • Cisco Meeting Server(s) with an activation key (R-CMS-K9, included with CMS1000 bundle)
    • Cisco TelePresence Server without screen licenses, Cisco Telepresence Conductor, and Cisco TelePresence Management Suite (TMS) with Provisioning Engine (TMS-PE).


    New customers without CUWL Pro or Meetings, should look at the SMP Starter Kit to get initial package licenses.

    Existing customers can just add additional SMP License to their Meeting Server or Conductor.


    For deployment details, see here

    More information on SMP along with Personal Multiparty for CUWL-Pro customers, see this at a glance.

    Ordering guide with CCO login at


    (This note is for CCW users ordering SMP needing more information)