Update UCS Manager Classic, FI and Server firmware using Host Firmware Pack

Version 3

    Cisco delivers all firmware updates to Cisco UCS components in bundles of images. Cisco UCS firmware updates are available to be downloaded to fabric interconnects in a Cisco UCS domain in the following bundles:



    Cisco UCS Infrastructure Software Bundle



    Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Server Software Bundle



    Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount UCS-Managed Server Software Bundle



    This script will help in updating UCS Manager Classic firmware. It uses Host FirmwarePack to update firmware on servers.



    1. Check if A,B,C bundles exist locally in Image Dir

    2. If not, download from CCO to imagedir

    3. Check if the images exist on the FI

    4. If not, upload

    5. Activate UCSM, IOM and FI

    6. Activate Blade server


    Note:   Supported versions of UCS Manager for running this script are 2.1(1) and above.

    Note:   This script is not supported on UCS Manager releases 2.5(1), 3.0(1) and 3.0(2)