UCSD Time Out (UI/Nodes)

Version 1

    Inter Node time outs


    The timeout value in /opt/infra/inframgr/*properties



    is responsible for the time out between primary node and the service nodes(s).  It has nothing to do with the UI timeout.



    UI time outs



    In the background of the UI, there are several processes to keep alive the connection between UI and the server.  So for that reason, the connection between UI to server may not be severed in the time configured by the time out.  BUT, if the  browser is closed  (to prevent the keep alive pings from taking place) the wait time configured will then take affect and if the UI session is established, the  session will need to log in again.


    Session time out is set here:


    Below config in conf/web.xml and/or webapps/cloupia/WEB-INF/web.xml