July 8 Webcast Replay:Enabling the Digital Leap: Strategies for K–12 Schools

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    Enabling the Digital Leap: Strategies for K–12 Schools

    Learn how you can use the CoSN SEND II Decision Tree for Education Technology to make sure that your K–12 technology initiatives create a more engaging learning experience that empowers students, teachers, and administrators alike.

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    Live webcast July 8, 2015, at 10 a.m. Pacific Time/1 p.m. Eastern Time


    Many K–12 school districts rush to embrace new technologies such as tablets and campuswide Wi-Fi only to see these initiatives fall short of expected outcomes or, worse, simply go unused. The biggest challenge, as documented by the New Media Consortium Horizon Report: 2013 K–12 Edition, is that teachers and administrators are often not adequately prepared or trained to integrate these new technologies into their classrooms.


    Successful technology adoption in education requires decision makers to create detailed plans that take this and many other factors into account.


    This live 60-minute webcast will demonstrate how you can meet these challenges by using the CoSN SEND II Decision Tree for Education Technology to create a realistic adoption plan. See how this practical tool can help you evaluate potential IT solutions; better prepare teachers, staff, and students for their implementation; and make sure that your technology initiatives generate positive results.


    You will also learn the questions that every educator should ask before buying any vendor solution. Finally, our panelists will discuss network infrastructure requirements for supporting today’s high-bandwidth classroom applications and reveal how to use the full power of funding sources for your district’s near-term and long-term needs.


    Live Q&A included


    Join us and get your technology questions answered during the webcast. Learn how Cisco can help you make better technology decisions.


    Topics to be discussed include:

    • Challenges for technology adoption in K–12 schools
    • CoSN SEND II Decision Tree for Education Technology
    • Evaluating technology solutions
    • Network infrastructure guidelines for today’s high-bandwidth world
    • Making the most of funding sources
    • Q&A
    Approximate duration: 60 minutes