June 17 Webcast Replay: Network as an Enforcer

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    Network as an Enforcer
    Find out how you can turn the network you already have into one of your most powerful defenses against hackers and cybercriminals.register now.jpg



    Live webcast was June 17, 2015 at 10:00am Pacific Time.


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    Turning Your Network into a Security Policy Enforcer

    Live webcast June 17, 2015, at 10 a.m. Pacific Time/1 p.m. Eastern Time


    Today’s threat landscape is becoming ever larger and more sophisticated. Fueled by the proliferation of mobile devices, the cloud, and the dawn of the Internet of Things (IoE), the attack surface is continually expanding. At the same time, cybercrime has grown from a cottage industry to a well-funded, international big business that employs tools that are increasingly difficult to detect and defend against.


    Organizations find themselves under constant attack, and serious security breaches seem to make the front-page news almost every week. How can you protect your valuable data and your company’s reputation in this dangerous environment?


    There is no doubt that you already have security solutions in place such as advanced malware protection, firewalls, and intrusion prevention systems, but have you activated one of the strongest tools you have? The network itself.


    Learn How to Activate Your Network’s Built-In Defenses


    Let our Cisco experts show you how you can turn your network into a security policy enforcer at this live 60-minute webcast. Learn how you can take advantage of Cisco TrustSec with Cisco Identity Service Engine (ISE) to shrink the attack surface, keep unauthorized users from gaining access, and isolate threats.


    Discover how these powerful tools, which are already embedded in your network, enable you to easily set up and enforce segmentation and user access control anywhere and everywhere across your wired, wireless, and remote networks. See case studies that show how these solutions have worked in the real world. Find out how the network you already have can help you:


    • Make sure of policy-based access control and block infiltration
    • Prevent threats that do get through from doing serious damage through segmentation
    • Simplify regulatory compliance and operational burdens
    • Greatly reduce the risk of data breaches


    Live Q&A Included


    Tune in and learn how you can turn your network into a powerful, sophisticated security policy enforcer. You can also get your questions answered during the webcast.
    Topics to be discussed include:
    • Benefits of Cisco TrustSec and Cisco ISE
    • Making sure of policy-based access control
    • Network segmentation for containment of attacks
    • Simplifying compliance requirements
    • Reducing risks of data breaches
    • Q&A
    Approximate duration: 60 minutes