Compile, Install and Test the Sample SDK Plug-In for UCS Director 5.3

Version 2

    In order to articulate how to compile and install the sample UCS Director plug-in via the southbound SDK, I have created a short (5 minutes) HowTo video that runs through the following:


    1. Importing the sample SDK project into the Eclipse Java Integrated Development Environment.


    2. Configure Eclipse to compile the SDK with the appropriate Java version (1.6 is required for UCS Director).


    3. Perform an Ant build in order create a plug-in zipfile.


    4. Install the plug-in into UCS Director .


    5. Enable the plug-in and restart UCSD services.


    6. Add a new dummy device using the newly installed plug-in.


    The HowTo video can be found here:


    UCSD_5.3_SDK_Installation_wAudio.mp4 - Box