May 13 Webcast Replay: Network as Security Sensor

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    Network as Security Sensor

    Learn how you can use Cisco Flexible NetFlow to turn your network into a comprehensive, sophisticated security sensor to identify attackers before they gain access to valuable data or disrupt critical operations.


    Turning Your Network into a Smart Security Sensor

    Live webcast May 13, 2015, at 10 a.m. Pacific Time/1 p.m. Eastern Time


    Keeping data secure has never been more challenging. With the rapid increase of mobile devices, the expansion of the enterprise network beyond traditional physical boundaries, the adoption of cloud services, and the dawn of the Internet of Things (IoT), data thieves now have an enormous and still growing number of potential access points.


    Moreover, hackers are becoming ever more sophisticated, employing malware, bots, and other tools of the trade, which are increasingly difficult to detect and harder to mitigate after they have been discovered. Little wonder, then, that in its 2014 Annual Security Report, Cisco found that 100 percent of the business networks it analyzed had traffic going to websites that host malware.


    In this environment, the grim reality is that it is no longer a question of if
    your organization will suffer a security breach. It’s when.


    Fortunately, you already own the solution


    This live, 60-minute webcast shows you how you can use Cisco IOS and Flexible NetFlow technology
    ,which is already built into your existing network, to easily gain deep and broad visibility into everything that is happening on your network. Our team of security experts demonstrate how it gives you the ability to detect external and internal security threats, unknown devices, unusual traffic patterns, and unexpected behaviors.


    Find out how Flexible NetFlow gives you the ability to transform your network into a comprehensive early warning system so you can identify security problems before they become serious. You also can see how third-party security solutions, such as Lancope StealthWatch, can help you quickly analyze Flexible NetFlow data to identify threats anywhere on your network from a single management console. Learn how you can use the network you already have to:
    • Gain deep and broad visibility into every activity on your network
    • Proactively detect what was previously undetected
    • Separate anomalies from real threats
    • Stop attackers before they access valuable or sensitive data


    Topics to be discussed include:


    1. Why the attack surface is expanding
    2. The threat centric security model before, during, and after an attack
    3. How your network can proactively detect the undetected
    4. How you can turn your network into a smart security sensor
    5. Q&A


    Approximate duration: 60 minutes


    Learn more about Cisco NetFlow technology.