UCSD and UCS Performance Manager Integration

Version 3

    This integration was done by Randy Thurman - thank you.



    The idea was to call a workflow in UCS-Director from UCS-Performance Manager when a certain threshold is reached.





    The attached jar fuel is an example and contains the UCSD key hard coded and the UCSD IP.  This would have to be replaced.



    Here is a link to a more flexible solution with python scripts.




    SubmitWorkflowServiceRequest.py - Uses a cfg file to launch a workflow by name with the appropriate options.

                                            In this case, there are three inputs.                          

    CheckSRStatus.py - takes an SR command line argument and reports on the status.

    RollBackWorkflow - takes an SR command line argument to roll back the SR.

    Sample command:


    /usr/bin/python /opt/some/path/SubmitWorkflowServiceRequest.py >> /var/log/SubmitWorkflowServiceRequest.log


    The options are pulled form a .cfg file which should be in the same directory as the script.