April 16 Webcast Replay: How School Districts Can Cut Energy Use by 35%

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    Cutting School Energy Costs

    Learn how the School City of Hammond, a K-12 school district with 24 separate facilities, is using Cisco Energy Management Suite to cut its energy use by 35% and save more than $40,000 annually.

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    How School Districts Can Cut Energy Use by 35%

    (Live webcast April 16, 2015, at 10 a.m. Pacific Time/1 p.m. Eastern Time)


    America’s schools spend over $7.5 billion every year on energy, according to a July 2013 report based on a study by the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation. That figure represents more than schools spend on textbooks and computers combined. Further, as schools rely increasingly on technology, IT plug loads from computers, copiers, printers, and other devices attached to school district networks are eating up limited operating budgets.


    Clearly, saving energy for schools isn’t just about reducing their carbon footprint. It’s about saving money so that limited financial resources can be allocated more efficiently. However, most school districts don’t have the manpower or technical resources to measure and manage energy use system-wide—until now.


    Discover the Simple Solution

    This live, 60-minute webcast will show you how the School City of Hammond, a K-12 school district with 24 separate facilities, cut its energy use by 35% and saved more than $40,000 annually with Cisco Energy Management Suite. See how this easy-to-use system enables you to quickly determine how much power is being consumed by every device connected to your network.


    You also learn out how you can take advantage of a free trial of Cisco Energy Management Suite. Our team of experts demonstrate how simple it is to deploy this agentless, network-based solution so you can:
    • Accurately measure energy use for every network-connected device
    • Reduce your consumption by as much as 35%
    • Create intelligent use policies and implement best practices
    • Help your district make the most of its limited operating budgets
    • Reduce your carbon footprint as well as your energy use

    Live Q&A

    Join us and get your questions answered during the webcast. See how Cisco Energy Management Suite can help you quickly and easily measure, monitor, and reduce your district’s energy costs.


    Topics to be discussed include:
    • The challenge of measuring and managing energy use systemwide
    • Introduction to Cisco Energy Management Suite
    • School City of Hammond case study
    • Free trial offer details


    Approximate duration: 60 minutes