UcsInventory - creates an Excel spreadsheet with the UCS hardware inventory

Version 17

    This PowerShell and PowerTool script connects to one or more UCS domains querying it/them for hardware details on FI's, FEX, chassis, blades and rackmount servers. Using that information it generates an Excel spreadsheet with one sheet per UCS domain, presenting the inventory in the form of an outline. Besides model, part number, etc. it also lists for each element the serial number and firmware version.


    There are a few parameters, the most important being '-show' which controls the level of detail you get to see. At level one you see only an overview of chassis's, blades and servers. At two the scripts adds CPUs and memory, then all the way up to five where you will get detailed info on each and every DIMM. The following example is at level three.




    The history and origin of this script is that couple of years ago I wrote a similar app for BlackBerry PlayBook and later ported that to Android, where it goes by the name of UCSalt.


    This type of inventory information is of course already available in places like UCS Central, but the advantage of having it in a spreadsheet is that it can be used for modelling the data, for example when doing capacity planning for a tech-refresh. But for others it will be simply a tool for asset tracking.


    Couple of technical things to be aware of. You need to have Microsoft Office installed on the system running the script. Also, don't install the script in C:\ because for some reason the script doesn't have write access there, put it instead in some user directory. This script will store the data retrieved from UCS Manager in a bunch of csv-files in "C:\Temp", plus two conversion tables to translate the 'model' attribute to 'part number' and back. Finally there is the '-v' flag with which you can follow the progress of the script.

    A fork of this script will fetch an inventory of C-Series and E-Series servers that are not managed by UCS-Manager. You can get it at https://communities.cisco.com/docs/DOC-57125 .


    Willem van Schaik


    Calgary, Jan 2015