Create APIC Tenant with Contract

Version 3

    Workflow Name

    Create APIC Tenant with Contract



    This workflow creates a new tenant in a specified APIC cluster along with the necessary network configurations to run a simple web service demonstration. Once the workflow is completed you can put a demo 'web server' vm in the 'server' port group, and a 'web client' vm in the 'client' port group and test icmp and http - all other protocols will fail between the 2 vms.



    • APIC
    • VMware vCenter

    Versions Tested

    • UCSD:
    • APIC: 1.0(1k)
    • vCenter 5.1
    • For APIC 1.0(2j): disable https and enable http. In the ucsd create a credential policy for your apic account that uses http.

    User Inputs:

    1. APIC cluster
    2. Tenant Name
    3. Application Profile Name
    4. Server EPG Name
    5. Client EPG Name
    6. Network Name
    7. Server BD Name
    8. Server BD GW
    9. Server BD subnet prefix
    10. Client BD Name
    11. Client BD GW
    12. Client BD subnet prefix

    Workflow Tasks:

    1. Create APIC tenant
    2. Create application profile
    3. Create network
    4. Create ‘server’ BD
    5. Create BD subnet
    6. Create ‘client’ BD
    7. Create BD subnet – for the second BD
    8. Create ‘server’ EPG
    9. Add a domain to the ‘server’ EPG
    10. Create ‘client’ EPG
    11. Add a domain the ‘client’ EPG
    12. Create a contract
    13. Create contract subject
    14. Add contract to ‘server’ EPG
    15. Add contract to ‘client’ EPG
    16. Create security policy filter
    17. Create filter rule for icmp
    18. Create filter rule for http
    19. Add filter to contract subject