Create Lots of Service Profiles attached to Blades for ESXi Deployment

Version 1
    Task Name
    Workflow example to deploy many ESXi Servers

    This loop example should serve as a LEGO block to deploy many Bare Metal systems by creating many Service Profiles and Attaching them to a user selected Blade.

    1. Tested on 5.0  Built 50121
    ComponentsvSphere 5.x
    User InputsUCSM system / Hostname / Blade Selected (multi) / 
    Outpute-mail with possible new hostname

    Instructions for Regular Workflow Use:

    1. Download the attached .ZIP file below to your computer. *Remember the location of the saved file on your computer.
    2. Unzip the file on your computer. Should end up with a .WFD file.
    3. Log in to UCS Director as a user that has "system-admin" privileges.
    4. Navigate to "Policies-->Orchestration" and click on "Import".
    5. Click "Browse" and navigate to the location on your computer where the .WFDX file resides. Choose the .WFDX file and click "Open".
    6. Click "Upload" and then "OK" once the file upload is completed. Then click "Next".
    7. Click the "Select" button next to "Import Workflows". Click the "Check All" button to check all checkboxes and then the "Select" button.
    8. Click "Submit".
    9. A new folder should appear in "Policies-->Orchestration" that contains the imported workflow. You will now need to update the included tasks with information about the specific environment.





    Creates many Service profiles and attaches them to a blade:


    Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 5.10.52 PM.png