CPOC Overview

Version 45


    What We Do

    CPOC offers extensive testing and validation services aimed at those customers who would like to mitigate the risk associated with their new investments.

    Ranging from one-day PBSTs (Pre-Built Static Tests) that demonstrate first-hand the effectiveness of Cisco architectures, to complex five-day custom tests tailored specifically to reflect the customer's network environment - and how Cisco can positively affect it - we offer the customer the possibility to hasten their decision process by shortening the necessary testing time.


    With five world-class facilities across the globe, CPOC boasts significant effectiveness in demonstrating the validity of Cisco solutions and providing our customers with the confidence to successfully implement them.


    How It Works

    When the customer is committed to conducting a test, they should contact their Cisco Account Team (Account Manager or Systems Engineer) and consider which type of engagement would be the most suitable. The next step is drafting an initial test plan.

    The CPOC Visit Request Form can be used to begin scheduling the engagement.


    More Information

    Use the menu on the left to learn more about CPOC, get a feel of what type of test would be suitable for you, and - most importantly - see how to properly book a CPOC Engagement. Be sure to check out the FAQ as well.